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What are the advantages of central feeding system compared with single feeding machine?


What are the advantages of central feeding system compared with single-machine feeding? With the rapid development of industry, enterprises have higher requirements for equipment production efficiency, and the feeding of forming machines tends to be automated, intelligent and humane. The feeding system is mainly divided into central feeding system and single-machine feeding mode. At present, enterprises use the most of them. Central feeding system can better meet the production requirements of enterprises. Then what are the advantages of the central feeding system compared with the single feeding system? The following Heng Rong technicians for your analysis and introduction:

Central Feeding System

1. Improve efficiency: The central feeding system is highly automated, can run 24 hours without stopping, and the daily maintenance workload is less than single feeding;

2. Energy saving: Compared with the single-machine feeding equipment, the central feeding system can centralize the processing of raw materials and consume less energy.

3. Safety and reliability: The central feeding system adopts centralized feeding management, which reduces the equipment noise on site and enlarges the operating space, and the operators do not need to carry and unload raw materials manually.

4. Optimized management: the factory plastic processing system can achieve unified operation control, can achieve a large number of conveying, continuous feeding, stable quality;

5. Environmental protection and cleanliness: centralized storage or stacking of raw materials, centralized collection of dust, far from the processing and production site, greatly reducing dust pollution, ensuring clean and tidy workshop environment, more in line with environmental protection requirements.

The advantages of central feeding system over single feeding system are introduced here today. The central feeding system is specially designed for the plastic industry. It not only improves the production efficiency, but also saves the cost of equipment. Compared with single feeding machine, it has more application advantages.


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